Innovix Digital is a team of passionate digital and IT experts working together to help business grow bigger, by offering them scalable and customized digital solutions. Our story goes back to 2022, when our Founder decided to fill a niche in UK by providing comprehensive IT solutions to businesses. Not to mention there aren’t many companies in the world who understands the value of a good digital presence. By building a strong team with like-minded people, whose passion and dedication is to improve the life and work of business owners in the UK, USA, CA and better connect them to their audience, they set up Innovix Digital Solutions. Promoting digital transformation wasn’t easy and they learned a lot from every step they made, but the joy of actually bringing these digital solutions to life was much bigger than they had expected. His deep understanding of the UK business environment and the needs of the local business owners bore fruit and Innovix became a successful business.

As the scope of Innovix Digital Solutions grew bigger, Innovix Digital was born in 2022 to cater specifically for the website, mobile and digital solutions offered to our UK clients. While benefiting of the knowledge and systems set in place by our parent company, Innovix Digital represents a nimbler arm of the Innovix family, flexible to meet unique requirements and challenges, able to move quickly.

We are happy to be where we are here today and proud to have a strong core team behind us to support our growth and beyond. Join us in our journey towards the future!



We take great pride in our work and full responsibility for the digital solutions we offer our clients. Everything we do, we do it with our full dedication.


We are client-obsessed. Everything we do is customer-centered. We don’t sell services - we offer solutions; we are problem-solvers. We help our clients, for the benefit of their own clients.


Innovation is in our DNA. We promote innovation in every project. We never settle for the already known. We always try a new path.


We offer customised business solutions to our clients and we are flexible to meet their demands, offering them solutions that ready their business for the digital transformation.


Mr Vaughn Robinson

Managing Director

Always moving forward, Mr. Robinson is the team motivator, encouraging everyone to be the best they can be and to always strive for more. With over 19 years of IT industry experience, his passion for digitalisation has only grown, being the right ingredient for leading Innovix Solutions to success.

Muhammad Ali Pervez

Sales Director

A natural problem-solver, Ali looks after many areas of our company from HR to Sales and Marketing; her acute sense of organisation and careful attention to details mean that nothing gets past her. She is truly passionate about promoting Innovix Digital and about making a difference to our clients.

Jimmy Wilson

Chief Technical Officer

Truly passionate about coding, Jimmy has an impressive experience in the development world. He’s also committed to share his passion with other developers, through his teaching skills and always finding ways to motivate his team.

Joe Ryder

Business Development Manager

Ambitious and driven by passion for her work, Joe's focus is growing the Innovix Digital business. He is not only great at bringing new business, but she’s also an outstanding leader, motivating her team to always be ambitious and think big.

Kevin Mcdonald (Kevin)

B2B Sales Manager

Our sales expert, Kevin focuses on establishing and strengthening relationships with clients in order to best serve their business needs. With his wealth of sales experience, he always motivates his team to grow and perform better.

David Wilson

Junior Sale Executive

"Challenges make life interesting," says David. He enjoys overcoming new challenges and always loves to support when her team requires her assistance.

Wai Hmu Eain

Junior Sale Executive

Everyone in the office describes Wai Hmue Eain as an "active and young motivated learner". Being energetic and patient, she is assisting sales team in approaching new clients and preparing business fairs.


Customer Service Manager

Everyone who knows Rebecca will tell you that she’s really good with people and always reliable. Passionate about Customer Service, she wants to apply her people skills with every opportunity to take care of our clients.

Hmu Eain Soe

Business Analyst

Hmu Eain Soe is a solution-driven & detailed-oriented IT professional with a developer background. She always makes sure to meet the needs of specific clients and ready to solve any issue with her analytical and problem-solving skills.

Ejaz Ahmed

Lead Backend Developer

If there’s anyone who loves a good challenge in our office, that would have to be Ejaz. He’s never afraid of trying new things or finding a better way to solve that thorny problem. This helps his always improve his skills.

Aung Zin Phyo

Backend Developer

Always willing to learn new things, Aung Zin Phyo makes a point from never being content with what he already knows. Truly passionate for coding, he wants to learn everything there is, to ensure he’s the very best at what he does!

Christina Benjamin

Senior UI/UX Designer

Not being able to choose only one or the other, Christina has nurtured a passion for both graphic design and coding, using both sets of skills to support her team with awesome dedication.

Paul Harris

Digital Marketer

Paul is a valuable member of our digital marketing team, always eager to promote what Innovix can do and happy to contribute with ideas that boost our team’s efficiency, creativity and output.

Keith Robert

Graphic Designer

Our Graphic Designer, responsible for creating beautiful and practical artwork for our clients; his versatility in graphic design means he is always there to support our team with anything from website design to graphic artworks and key visuals.


Junior UI/UX Designer

Not being able to choose only one or the other, Michael has nurtured a passion for both graphic design and coding, using both sets of skills to support his team with awesome dedication.