With digital disruption present in almost every industry, businesses are increasingly going where their customers are: they’re going mobile. Mobile applications are some of the most intuitive, brand immersive and effective ways for businesses to connect with their customers and provide them with a seamless experience towards the purchase of their products and services. Our team here at Innovix Digital can help you with designing and developing e-commerce apps, membership apps, survey apps or customer loyalty points apps.


Ecommerce Mobile App

Promote and sell your products directly to your customers through the app. Smooth integration of an online catalogue with seamless shopping experience for a new an interactive way to reach your targeted audience.

Membership Mobile App

Easily manage your community and communicate with your members. Reach out to them with promotions, updates and events, and communicate directly with your target audience.

Survey App

A great way of collecting feedback from customers or targeted audience, a survey mobile app will help businesses understand more about their customers attitudes and behaviours.

Customer Royalty Point App

A dedicated customer loyalty mobile app not only keeps track of existing points and rewards, but also gathers relevant information from the users that helps businesses better understand their customers and anticipate their needs. It also helps builds the brand-customer relationship.

Customized Mobile App

Do you have a specific app requirement for your business? Share your thoughts with us and we’ll find a way to design it for you.